Staying put, and sheltering in place, or moving to another location could be a matter of survival. 



Develop a family communications plan for different types of situations. Decide on ways to reach or contact each other if separated.

Decide whether you need to leave or stay where you are. If forced to leave, have a meeting place for family members. Use common sense, available information, and check local news reports. Only abandon your home as a last resort. It is the place you know the most about, and where most of the things you need are. We will discuss what to do if forced to leave later.


Whether it is a winter storm, earthquake, or terror attack, there are things that need to be done before it happens. If it is winter and the power is out. How will you heat your home? How will you cook food? How will you heat water? What will you use for light? These are just a few of the things you need to think about now. The cold dark of night is no time to try to come up with solutions. You need to think about what you would do if you lost power, water, or gas.  Come up with a plan that assures your safety.    


        Flashlights: Each person should have their own flashlight. Store extra bulbs and batteries. 

        Light-sticks: Self-contained chemical lights that are activated by bending. Work well as night-lights for children. 

        Candles: Can be dangerous, so use wisely. 

        A Coleman type lantern that uses a small propane bottle is good. Not only will it give you light, but it puts off some heat at the same time. 


        Save Body Heat - Wear a hat, even while sleeping. Wear loose layers of clothing to trap body heat. Use blankets.

        Lock in Home Heat - Pick one room (on a sunny side of the house) and close it off to keep the heat in.

        Alternative Heat - If you live in a cold climate now is the time to think about an alternative heat source.  

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