Computers, you pay your bills on them, communicate thru them, and keep your life in order by them.

But what if the unexpected happened, what if all the computers suddenly stopped? What would happen to the world's finances?

In an age of political correctness, debit cards, ATMs, computer models, and the Internet, something has gone horribly wrong. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles lie wasted and silent. All of the US borders are closed, all means of transportation have been seized, and the banks are closed, indefinitely. Life as America has known it has been deleted.

The Back Road, by Joseph A Hughes is a compelling novel, so eerily close to what might be a reality that at times the reader is forced to stop, think, and wonder..

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36555.jpg A group of friends have their lives turned into turmoil as the North Koreans, and Chinese send teams of special operations units inside U.S. borders.Chinese and North Korean sleeper teams have also been activated in the U.S. The clandestine teams use biological, chemical and explosive attacks  that send the U.S. population into panic and fear. They follow up with conventional attacks, on dams, power stations, rail lines, fuel depots, and nuclear reactors to send the country over the edge. The rest of the world isn''t far behind as it is plunged into war and chaos.




Jeff Stanfield is a former Marine. He has served as a police officer for sixteen years. He spent several years working in North Carolina, and now works in North West Alabama as a police officer. He has worked in Patrol, Vice, Criminal Investigations, SWAT as an entry team member, and sniper. This story is his first story.


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Time Factor  Like being in a time machine, they are thrust backward 200 years. A time when electricity was known as a lightning bolt from the sky, or the spark from your finger. A time when transportation was a horse, and you walk most places.

Putting their trust in those around them, they ban together, and tried to survive by sharing resources. Their challenge was more than they would have ever imagined.  

Money was useless, and barter was the new currency. With each passing day, people worried more about their own survival than money. A can of beans or soup was the new currency. A small cabin with a woodstove was worth more than the nicest house with electric heat.  

Each passing day people become more desperate. Anarchy had replaced the calmness, and it was Insanity to go into a city. The cities were where filled with pandemics, murderers, rapist, and robbers. Their lives would be at risk to go there.

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The second book in the trilogy of the Back Road series.

Winters Vengeances

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