3 Day Emergency Kit

The Bug Out Bag


This is the contents of my 3 day emergency kit, or bug out bag as most people call it. You might want to make yours different, because I have done mine for comfort and not weight. My pack weight is a little over thirty pounds, which is heavy for most people, but I know that it gets lighter each day. As I eat the food and drink the water my pack will get lighter. With out the food and water my pack weighs about 4 an a half pounds.

 WATER: With water weighing eight pounds per gallon, the three day supply of a gallon a day would weigh 24 pounds. This adds a lot of weigh to your pack fast, and would take up most of the space in the pack. This is why I have rationed myself to three 16 oz bottles of water per day, and added food that dose not need water.

 The following is a list of what I have in my bag, but yours may be a lot different. Be sure to think about weight, and what you like. Saving a pound of weight is not worth forcing yourself to choke down something just to stay alive. Remember the pack will get lighter each day as you eat and drink from it. Now my list:

  • 9- 16oz bottles of water

  • 1- First Aid kit

  • 1- Waterproof match box with matches

  • 1- Set of silverware

  • 1- Whistle

  • 1- Can of Sterno 2oz

  • 2- Emergence Blankets

  • 2- Glow Sticks

  • 1- Pouch Military Sterno

  • 1- Penlight Flashlight

  • 1- Penlight Flashlight

  • 1- Can Opener (Military P32 Style)

  • 2- MRE Heaters

  • 1- Homemade Sterno Can

  • 1- Waterproof Bag with Matches, Lighter, and Candle.

  • 1- Plastic Cup

  • 1- Leathermen type tool

  • 1- Swiss Army Knife

  • Half roll of Bath Tissue (TP) in zip-lock bag.

  • 1- Mess kit

  • 1- Tupperware dish with lid, (Inside, Lemon Drops, Power Bars.)

  • 1- Tupperware dish with lid, (Inside, Trail Mix.)

  • 1- Tupperware dish with lid, (Inside, Hot Chocolate Mix.)

  • 2- 5 oz cans chicken breast

  • 2- MRE’s (Military style Meals Ready to Eat.)

  • 2- 8 1/4 oz cans of Pear halves.

  • 2- 8 1/4 oz cans of Mixed fruit

  • 2- 8 1/4 oz cans of sliced Peaches

  • 1- 3.75 oz can smoked Clams

  • 1- 3.75 oz can smoked Oysters

  • 1- 4 oz bag Beef Jerky

  • 1- Mag-Light and extra batteries.

  • 1- Bottle of water purification tablets

  • 1-  Portable Water Filter

  • Inside of the Mess Kit I keep Tea bags, and coffee bags like the tea bags.


This is my wife’s pack next to my pack. She has hers setup a little different than mine. It is our opinion that if we have to leave it will be together, but this might not be true, so both packs will support a person for three days. In her pack we have drop the Mess Kit, and added plastic plates. She also has salt, pepper, and sugar.

Things not covered in our packs are clothes for cold weather, gloves, hats, and personal hygiene protects. These are covered in our family pack that sets by the front door. In addition it has a small propone bottle, one burner stove, plastic bags, hygiene supplies, Dust mask, AM FM radio with weather alert.


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